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The Criminal Investigation Division of the Sandpoint Police Department is committed to the pursuit of justice during criminal investigations through innovative and efficient use of our resources. Our goal is to provide a greater sense of safety and security among our citizens and visitors through professionalism, compassion, integrity and teamwork.


The criminal investigation division is broken into two groups, General Detectives and Narcotics Detectives.  There are a total of six investigators; with four detectives assigned to general investigations and two detectives assigned for narcotic investigations. 

The role of the Narcotic Detectives is to investigate all narcotic related cases from possession of an illegal substance up to manufacturing and sells of an illegal substance.

They are also responsible for: Cyber crime processing, Cell phones processing, Computers processing, Drug Court, Community awareness programs such as “dangers of drugs”

The role of the General Detectives is to investigate all other crimes ranging from vandalisms to homicides.  They are also responsible for the following:  Tracking Sex offenders, Tracking Pawns, Background Investigations, Management of the Reserve Program, Tracking resent Parolee, Community Prevention Programs.

How the Investigative Process:

How will you know the status of your reported case?
All criminal cases are thoroughly reviewed. Cases are assigned based on severity, solvability, suspect information and other relevant information. Using this information, your case may or may not be assigned to a detective for further investigation. If your case is NOT assigned, you should receive a postcard in the mail that explains the reasons within 14 days. If your case is assigned, the member assigned to investigate your case will contact you within a short time. However, even after being investigated, not all cases are found appropriate to be examined by the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office.

What will happen if your case is assigned?
You as well as all the other parties involved in the case may be contacted by the Detective assigned to the case.  The Detective assigned to your case may need to re-interview everyone involved. Information will be gathered to identify the correct suspect. Detectives will attempt to locate any additional witnesses, and they will also review other cases to determine if your case is part of a pattern or series of other crimes by the same parties. Evidence will be collected, examined and evaluated by the appropriate resources.

What happens after the investigation is complete?
If the Detective is able to identify a suspect and establish the suspect(s) committed the offense, an attempt will be made to arrest the suspect, OR the completed case will be forwarded to the appropriate Prosecutors Office for criminal charges.  This can result in a warrant for the suspect(s) arrest, a complaint and summons or no charges being filed.

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