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The Sandpoint Police Department, Municipal Enforcement Division enforces various City and State animal welfare laws and ordinances. We also respond to complaints of: Noisy or Barking Dogs, Loose or at-Large Dogs, Animal Neglect or Abuse, Animal Bites, Deceased DOMESTIC animals on roadways, and DOMESTIC animals that are sick or injured.

Since City code does not regulate cats, we do not respond to complaints that deal with cats unless the cat is noticeably sick or injured. The City of Sandpoint has a contractual agreement with the Panhandle Animal Shelter and all impounded or quarantined animals are housed at their facility at 870 Kootenai Cutoff Road, Ponderay, Idaho. The contract covers the acceptance of dogs. Cats will be accepted only if being place into quarantine by a city officer.
The main goal of the Municipal Division is to ensure compliance with City and State laws and ordinances while maintaining the health and safety of our animal friends and protecting the property of both the pet owner and non-pet owner. Two full time officers staff the Municipal division. Our hours are Monday through Friday form 8:00 am to 5:00pm. After hours the Patrol Division handles calls

One of the best and least expensive insurance policies for the safety and protection of our pet is to license it with the city of Sandpoint. IT'S THE LAW

The City of Sandpoint requires all dogs over the age of 6 months to be licensed with the city. This only applies to dogs that live within the city limits, however, residents outside the city limits are welcome to purchase a license as a form of identification to help return a lost dog.
If you are just moving to Sandpoint or are getting a new dog that is older than 6 months of age, you have 10 days to acquire a license. If your dog is unlicensed you can be cited and fined. Even indoor-only dogs or dogs that are confined to fenced yards can get loose and their licenses help assure you can be reunited with them. You really can’t afford not to license your dog. We are doing all that we can to protect your dog from harm, but we need your help. A dog license identifies your pet and allows us to return it safely to you. The best way to get your pet back home if it should get lost is to ensure that it is wearing a collar with a current license securely attached.

Currently there are no requirements for cats to be licensed in the city nor are cats covered in City Code. If you have moved or your dog has been lost, stolen, given away or is now deceased, please contact the Sandpoint Police Department, Municipal Enforcement Division at (208) 265-1482 or (208) 263-3188 Monday thru Friday between 8:00am and 5:00pm. If it is after hours or a weekend or holiday, call Bonner Dispatch at (208) 265-5525.
Currently the only location to purchase a dog license is at the Finance Department at Sandpoint City Hall, 1123 Lake Street. You will be required to provide proof of rabies vaccination. If you do not have your vaccination certificate you can obtain a copy from the veterinarian who administered the vaccination. If a certificate is unavailable, your pet will have to be re-vaccinated by a licensed veterinarian. Licenses are good for up to three years; however, your rabies vaccination cannot expire before your license expires. Licenses always expire on December 31st of the year stamped on the license tag itself.


Call Municipal enforcement (208) 263-3188 or Bonner dispatch (208) 265-5525 as soon as possible. Attempt to get a good description of the animal and its location. If possible, and it is safe to do so, try to find out who owns the animal, where they live, and whether the animal is current on its vaccinations.


Live animal traps—traps of various sizes available to loan to residents of the city. (Deposit required) Reward program for dogs that have owners attached by a leash.


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